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Sententia 5 Contributors

Julian Berengaut is a retired international debt negotiator born in Poland and living currently in Bangkok, Thailand. He is the author of The Estate of Wormwood and Honey. Sarah Bridgins’s work has appeared in Monkeybicycle, InDigest, Sink Review, Bluestem, Two … Continue reading

from What Wants to Be Shot by Madeline ffitch

Even now, no one knows what it was like for Thomas J. Jefferson and Flip. J. Jones to be best friends. No one knows what it was like for them that summer, though each day, Hayworth watched their long involved … Continue reading

Sententia 5: Longer Work

S5coverSententia 5: Short Fiction After 5k The new issue of Sententia: The Journal is 245 pages and is currently available as an eBook. The print version will be on sale starting July 8. This issue features brilliant long stories by:

  • Julian Berengaut
  • Sarah Bridgins
  • Matthew Dexter
  • Regina Edwards
  • Madeline ffitch
  • Diane Lefer
  • Josh Ostergaard
  • JP Reese
  • Frank Roger
  • Shya Scanlon
  • An Tran
  • Erika T. Wurth
  • With cover art by Jonathan Allen
  • View contributor bios here

Edited by Paula Bomer and Adam Robinson

The eBook is now available! Click here to purchase.
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Also check out the latest from Sententia, The Weaklings (XL) by Dennis Cooper

Sententia 4: What She Says

SENTENTIA 4 What She Says: The All Women Writers Issue 164 pages edited by Paula Bomer, Amy King and Jen Michalski $10 (+$2 shipping)   Including work by: Betsy Boyd, Ana Bozicevic, Mikita Brottman, Megan Calhoun, Ching-In Chen, Andrea DeAngelis, … Continue reading

Sententia 3

The “Pitch” issue, curated by Shya Scanlon includes novel excerpts from Nick Bredie, Hosho McCreesh, Kevin Spaide, Nora Jean Lang, Samuel Snoek-Brown, Michael Hickins, Abeer Hoque, and Fred Skolnik

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Sententia 2

Sententia #2 features poetry, fiction, and essays by Gregory Sherl, Peter Schwartz, Brad Green, Pacze Moj, Samantha Ducas, Howard C. Mueller IV, Ali Abdolrezaei, b.l. pawelek, Shaindel Beers, Neila Mezynski, Amanda Deo, Andrew Roe, Nathan Graziano, Jessica Anya Blau, Ethel … Continue reading

Sententia 1

Sententia #1 contains poetry and fiction from Lindsay Ahl, Keith Nathan Brown, Charlotte DeAth, Elizabeth Ellen, Meg Files, Roxane Gay, Howie Good, Rose Hunter, Drew Kalbach, Jen Michalski, Mary Miller, Mark Mirsky, Geoffrey Nutter, B.L. Pawelek, Sam Pink, Adam Robinson, … Continue reading